Revised Income Tax return

A revised return is a return that is filed u/s 139(5) as a revision for the original return to rectify errors and omissions made while filing the original income tax return. You can file a Revised Return if you discover a mistake in your original ITR or if the income tax department issues a notice for any errors made in the ITR. And it is important to e-verify the Revised ITR within 30 days of filing.

When do you file a Revised Return under Section 139(5)?

  1. To rectify errors or mistakes made in the original Income Tax Return
  2. To disclose income or information not reported in the original Income Tax Return.

Revising in response to a notice

  1. If the assessee agrees to a mismatch in the notice for the proposed adjustment under Section 143(1)(a).
  2. When the assessee pays outstanding demand as per section 143(1)and then files a Revised Return.


Documents required:

  1. Notice Received.
  2. Income Tax Login Credentials.
  3. Other Support Documents Related to Notice
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