This terms and conditions of FullFillIndia that will comply with all agreements done between you and the company. We strongly advise you to go through this page and understand our legal terms and conditions before associating with us.

Availability of services

  • Our website is available globally and can be accessed or viewed from any location around the world.
  • We do not provide our service globally. Our services are specific to India and we do income tax e-filing for Indian nationals only.
  • Before you start subscribing to our service please confirm that you are an Indian citizen.

The service agreement

  • In order to subscribe you need to register to agree the terms and conditions.
  • By accepting our terms and conditions you agree for a contractual relation with us.
  • Registering with us for our income tax E-filing services gives us permission to request data access from Income Tax Department for future improvement.
  • Also, you agree to give us permission for calculating your tax return on behalf of you and get permission to access the information provided by you.
  • We do not take any liabilities for delay in services such as late-issue of income tax refund caused by technical, mechanical or natural reasons.
  • Email and SMS alert services with us gives us full rights to send such communication medium to you.

Terms for making

  • We take full payments in advance before we provide the service to all our customers
  • Amount varies for the services we provide and we are the decision makers to finalize the amount.
  • In case of failure payments we will cancel the service that you have selected.
  • We will provide the legal invoices for the payments you make with us.
  • We have refund policy please check our refund policy page Refund Policies.

Our liabilities

  • We are not responsible for any liabilities for any losses caused by lack of information provided by you.
  • We also not responsible for any delay caused by the Indian IT department in processing your Income Tax Forms or Income Tax Refund.
  • We are not responsible for any third party advertisement that might pop-up when you access our website. Clicking on such links are strictly your responsibility.
  • At FullFillIndia, we reserve the rights to change or modify any of our terms and conditions without any prior notice. But once changes are made and finalized, all our existing clients and prospective clients will be notified immediately through email.